It was an indigenous fortified village conquered and called Turgalium by the Romans. Later the Visigoths and Muslims settled here and it was conquered back by the Christians in 1232. Trujillo heyday took place in the 15 th and 16 th centuries and nowadays you can walk its well preserved streets feeling as a time traveller. It is one of the town with the highest rate of tourism in Extremadura since it offers an unsurpassable historic and artistic site. Apart from that, it is most conveniently located as a regional road centre since you can reach it by motorway from Madrid , Lisbon and very shortly from Cáceres and towards the north, from Salamanca .

Some of the most important sites are: The castle or Moorish fortress, Santa María la Mayor Church , Altamirano fortress, Bejarano and Chaves palaces and the magnificent main square.