The virgin olive oil is the healthiest fat since it helps to control the cholesterol which our body needs and which when it is too high, can produce heart diseases. The olive oil reduces and balances the LDL cholesterol and helps to prevent a number of diseases.

Nowadays having olive oil in our diet forms part of a way of living, it is a symbol of a high quality, healthy and refined cuisine.


The olive oil has to be stored in a cool dark place, properly close and as far as possible from funny smells.

Fruity virgin olive oil is ideal for salads, whereas the milder olive oil varieties go well with vegetables and fish.

When frying, the oil to be used is intense virgin olive oil since it allows for high temperatures and prevent the most important elements of food from being wasted.

Similarly, intense virgin olive oil is suitable for stews.

Some tips to be followed when frying are the following:

•  To fully dip the food in oil.

•  When battering food before frying it, don't do it excessively.

•  Never mix olive oil with other kinds of oil

•  After frying, strain the oil left to get rid of rest of food

•  Don't mix the oil from frying fish with other kind of food.